4 Unique Ways to Market Your Small Business

4 Unique Ways to Market Your Small Business


Small businesses are thought to generate most of the economic growth. However, most of them go bankrupt after just a few years. To survive at all, small businesses need to get the word out about their products and services. Knowing several unique ways to market your small business can help you do this.

Contact local businesses

If you are a small business focusing on a very local market, that is where you should advertise. However, instead of sending out mass mailings to mailing lists, you should go to a specific location around your shop. Sticking the business flyers on windscreens in the car parking area or in nearby businesses places can get you positive and remarkable results. Better still, write chalk messages on the pavement outside your shop to draw attention in a place where many people don’t expect it.

Sponsor a social media competition

Anyone can become an online content creator, but they may need an excuse to do so. Sponsor a video or photo competition on Facebook or Instagram. Set up some prizes for the winners based on your company’s value proposition. You can have your employees choose the winner, but the finalists should be available for online voting to further increase competition and engagement.

Vehicle wrapping

You can engage a remarkable number of audiences’ effectively using sophisticated marketing techniques or wrapping your marketing messages on your company or personal car.This audience is anyone who drives with you on the road. People in other cars, bus riders, and even pedestrians on pavements will see your branding and images whenever you drive past. Not only has that, but vehicle wrapping added a sense of authenticity to any company vehicle.

Paint a mural

If you have permission to do so, paint a mural on the side of the building. This could be the wall where your business is located, or simply the wall of a building whose owner is prepared to commission a large mural. It can be an advertisement for your company or just something artistic that attracts attention. People can get to know your company if they exactly know who the artist is, in response to any piece that becomes the reason for conversation. These things tend to spread on local social media if people are impressed enough.

Consumers respond more to creativity than to things they have seen made over and over again. The more unique your marketing can be, the more your small business will stand out. You’ll see the results in traffic and sales in no time.

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