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If you are considering to set a business in UAE, Dubai than you should know about the business environment and business incentives that Dubai provides to grow. To run a successful business, one should know the laws and regulations applied and required to be followed. But setting up a business can be difficult if you don’t have expertise, there are many firms which provide company formation services and help you by making the process easy and understandable for you. Guidance is important when it comes to requirements by government and regulatory bodies, for businesses fulfilling those is crucial. Know details of efficient business setup in Dubai, UAE.

Why to choose Dubai for your business?

Dubai is the hub of trading because it connects different parts of the world. This happened because Dubai has great buildings, roads and technology and provides you with multiple benefits:

A Favorable Ecosystem: It has deliberated location, appealing tax incentives, business friendly regulations and modern infrastructure that make it first choice for entrepreneurs to start their ventures in Dubai.

Tax Advantages: There is no personal income tax in UAE currently, and corporate Tax rates are also low that attract reinvestment and expansion of your business.

Business-Friendly Policies: Dubai’s streamlined registration, minimal bureaucracy, and specialized Free Zones with 100% foreign ownership bolster the business environment.

Promising Prospects: The UAE’s ambitious pursuit of 7% economic growth, aiming to double its economy to $800 billion, offers fertile ground for new businesses.

Understand Setup: Starting a business in Dubai involves careful market research, all-inclusive business planning, and adept directional finding understanding of legal requirements. Let’s dive in to step-by-step process of starting a business in Dubai, UAE.

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Choose your Business Structures

Success of a newly launched venture based on choosing appropriate structure of business. Every form of organization has its own qualities and considerations, depending upon factors like nature of the business, plan to expand the business and long-term goals of the entity. Staying well informed with regulations is crucial to determine the best fit.

Sole Proprietorship: Ideal for small businesses, it grants complete control but entails personal liability for debts.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): After Favoring local partnerships and limited liability, UAE is also heading towards significant development regarding foreign ownership in the country, allowing 100 percent ownership for foreign investors in various sectors.

However, certain businesses like general trading and those requiring commercial licenses necessitate the involvement of a local sponsor, who must hold a majority stake of at least 51% in the company.

A total of 122 economic activities spanning 13 sectors now permit complete foreign ownership, a highly anticipated change.

These industries are

  1. Renewable energy
  2. Space technology
  3. Agriculture
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Solar panels and green technology
  6. Power equipment
  7. Transport and storage,
  8. Hospitality and food services
  9. Information and communication
  10. Technical activities
  11. Administrative services
  12. Support services
  13. Educational activities
  14. Healthcare
  15. Entertainment
  16. Construction

Each emirate’s government will decide how much foreign ownership is allowed, based on their own situation.

Free Zone Company: Offers 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions in specific cases, and streamlined setup, catering well to international enterprises, albeit confined to free zone operations.

Branch Office: Suited for foreign companies seeking a Dubai presence without full independence, considered an extension of the parent company engaging in similar activities.

Representative Office: Facilitates market research and product promotion without commercial activities, a cost-effective means to explore Dubai’s market potential.

Public and Private Joint Stock Companies: Tailored for large-scale enterprises pursuing public investment or with multiple shareholders. Public Joint Stock Companies can offer public shares, while Private Joint Stock Companies cater to a limited shareholder count.

Offshore Company: Operating within the designated “Dubai Offshore” free zone, it aids international business and asset protection. Not for UAE operations but asset-holding, global investments, and offshore banking.

Step by step approach to establish a Business in Dubai

Professional Company Formation Services are here for you to help on starting and set up your business which includes:

Initial Registration Phase

Select and appropriate location for your business whether to establish your business in a mainland area or within a free zone, while considering business requirements, target market, and industry.

Outlining your business activity and selecting a trade name as per the guideline by Department of economic development.

Experts will provide you with the comprehensive market analysis and feasibility study to know the demand for your product or services and gain understanding of competitive environment your business.

Business in Mainland

  1. Create a Memorandum of Association (MOA) which will contain company’s purpose, structure and shareholder obligations.
  2. Get office space and Tenancy contract: For procuring a physical office space and obtaining a tenancy contract is a prerequisite for business registration.
  3. Initial approval from Department of Economic Development (DED), Submit essential documents and get preliminary approval in advance to start set up process.
  4. Team up with local sponsor or service agent (where needed), For a company to set up in mainland a local sponsor or service agent might become necessary, but it depends on your business nature.
  5. Obtain NOC from Pertinent Government departments, It will depend on your business scope and location in UAE
  • Dubai Customs: Import/export and logistics ventures involve obtaining nods from Dubai Customs.
  • Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA): Aviation and airline-related businesses may need DCAA approvals.
  • Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA): Maritime and shipping activities might require DMCA approvals.
  • Department of Economic Development (DED): Responsible for mainland business registration, submit your application and documents to secure initial approval.
  • Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE): Employee recruitment and labor-related affairs necessitate MOHRE approvals.
  • Free Zone Authorities (for Free Zone Businesses): Businesses in free zones should acquire permits and approvals from the respective free zone authority.
  • Dubai Land Department (DLD): Real estate activities mandate approvals from Dubai Land Department for areas like property development and brokerage.
  • Dubai Police (General Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – GDRFA): For visas and sponsorship matters, Dubai Police (GDRFA) collaboration is essential.
  • Dubai Municipality (DM): If your venture relates to construction, real estate, or public health and safety, approvals from Dubai Municipality might be needed.
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA): Healthcare and medical services sectors may require approvals from Dubai Health Authority for compliance.
  1. Finalize Company Registration and Licensing: Lodge necessary documents with the DED to conclude company registration and licensing procedures.

Free Zone Company Formation Services

Firm will provide you with following services

  • Researching and selecting a suitable free zone aligned with your business sector, considering specialized offerings.
  • Determining if a single-shareholder Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or a multi-shareholder Free Zone Company (FZC) suits your business model.
  • Completing the application and submit all required documents to the chosen free zone authority.
  • Upon approval, obtaining the business license from the free zone authority and arrange office space if needed.

Dubai offshore Company Formation Services

  • Selecting a suitable Dubai Offshore Free Zone, like JAFZA Offshore, RAKICC, or Ajman Offshore, for your offshore company formation.
  • Enlisting a registered agent who serves as an intermediary between your company and the free zone authorities.
  • Gathering necessary documents, including passport copies, address proof, and business plan as stipulated by the chosen offshore free zone.
  • Forwarding the application and documents to the registered agent, who will oversee company formation with free zone authorities.
  • Upon completing the registration, your offshore company will secure the requisite license to operate within the chosen offshore free zone.

Meeting Legal and Regulatory Obligations

In Dubai, upholding legal and regulatory standards is an integral duty for conscientious business proprietors. These covers acquiring requisite licenses, Visas, certificates and abiding be local laws and traditions. Given the UAE’s evolving legal landscape, staying attuned to the latest amendments is imperative to preempt legal complexities.

Bank Accounts and Financial Foundations       

Now a days its common that how financial management play key role in business success. Complying with Tax implications, maintain a business bank account, and accessing real-time insights into tax incentives and financial strategies are components in business landscape.


Affordable Company Formation Services by professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth process. Setting up a business in Dubai, UAE provides significant opportunities, but it requires regulatory compliance and careful planning. With Bestax’s extensive knowledge and dedication, you can confidently navigate Dubai’s business environment, contact us today for setting your business on a path to success.

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