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Financial Feasibility Study Services in Dubai

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Feasibility Study Services in UAE

Nowadays, enterprises operate in a fast-paced atmosphere. Customers’ demands and competitive pressure are both increasing. The product life cycle is beginning to shrink, and innovative and new products are gaining popularity. Businesses always look for new ways to manufacture products, devise marketing strategies, and design new policies to generate revenues. Nevertheless, this can only be done in a successful manner when both an individual and a business do a feasibility study before starting a new project. We provide professional feasibility services in all the major areas of the business. Our consultants in UAE informed you about all the possibilities of success and failure in undertaking proposals. Let’s get started!

What is Feasibility Study?

To assess if a project is feasible for business, a feasibility study is done. The proposed idea is assessed under different consideration factors. The feasibility study ensures effective control of business operations and indicates profit margin on the relevant project.

Why are Financial Feasibility Studies Needed?

Before starting a project, both small and big businesses must first assess its financial feasibility. A feasibility study provides statistical information and assures the idea is worthwhile pursuing. It is imperative that the entity knows whether a project will be feasible and make a profit-enhancing effect on the company.  Despite the potential for growth of finances through the innovative business idea, there are also many risks associated with the proposal. By not thoroughly analyzing the feasibility of your ideas, you will lead to many financial blunders. Thus, the feasibility studies are conducted to evaluate the market competition, costs & revenue projections, viability of goal, and many other project development factors. 

Important Elements of Feasibility Study

In the feasibility analysis, major elements or business areas are considered. This will provide more in-depth insight into the project’s chances of success. These are as follows: 

Market Feasibility 

The market study entails understanding buyer views, demographic data, market competition, sales prediction, and other elements. It will define your current market position and potential to grow. 

Technical Feasibility

We perform a technical feasibility study to figure out how you’ll make and deliver your products or services to consumers in detail. The analysis is conducted to determine each technical and operational aspect of your proposed project. Before implementing the idea, you must plan from the first sourcing to the end of your sales. 

Organizational Feasibility 

The organizational feasibility analysis describes the corporate and legal frame of the business. It might include the founder’s background information and professional history. This feasibility study defines the skills for which employees can participate. Organizational feasibility assures compliance with the UAE legal requirements. 

Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility study in the UAE forecast the expected venture’s financial aspects and economic projections. The accountant assesses cash flows, balance sheets, general ledgers, types of funds required and other financial documents, etc. The financial feasibility analysis is the most impacting factor in the business plan. Data about the key economic indicators can determine the probability of increasing revenue.

Cost Estimation

The cost estimation is required to determine the proposed project’s budget. It is the process of anticipating different types of expenses associated with the completion of a project. 

Resource Feasibility

In project management, resource feasibility studies are imperative for decision-making. It helps accountants to analyze where the purchase raw material is, what is the suitable competitive price, which accounting system is required, etc. These resources provide an overview of what is required when manufacturing products or delivering services.

Operational Feasibility 

Operational feasibility evaluates the effectiveness of proposed systems and identifies problems. It meets the requirements discovered during the financial feasibility analysis.

Does Feasibility Studies Adds-Value to Your Business?

An in-depth feasibility investigation is capable of identifying possible problems and risks. It establishes an overview of whether the project will be successful in the long run or not. It helps to understand financial, operational, and other organizational impacts after taking all the factors into consideration. The researched implementation of a project has bigger chances of success and generating revenues. With the feasibility studies, you are enabled to influence your clients by showing the statistical and graphical projection of analysis. As a result, the organization will gain more value and investors will have a greater sense of confidence in investing money in your company.

For a proper financial feasibility study along with strategic reporting about the proposed idea, you must take business advisory services to get an independent view of your project. We have extensive experience in making business plans and conducting feasibility studies.

Benefits of Financial Feasibility Study in UAE

The financial feasibility analysis provides different outstanding advantages to individuals and organizations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Increase chances of success
  • Deep insight into various parameters
  • Better decision-making
  • Recognize new opportunities
  • Helps to avail the right direction
  • Minimize risks and financial losses
  • Narrow down business plans
  • Gain competitive advantage

Outsource Consultants for Feasibility Study Service

Oftentimes, accounting professionals are typically not capable enough of managing projects and analyzing their feasibility. In this case, businesses should outsource certified and experienced chartered accountants in the UAE. They offered an exhausting overview by analyzing the business model, accounting software, and the strength & weakness of a proposed idea.  They conduct thorough research and identify the loopholes in an existing system. Consultants for feasibility studies are not an expense, but they increase the likelihood of success and profit. 

How Do Our Feasibility Studies Work?

BestaxCA offers exclusive services for financial feasibility analysis in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all the Emirates of the UAE. Our team has exceptional accounting knowledge and critically observes influencing factors. When we undertake a project for feasibility analysis, we first understand their plan of action, the potential of the venture, and other technical aspects. We do deep market research and analyze customer behavior regarding your brand and products or services offered. Our experts provide comprehensive reports and presentations related to business investors. We also developed spreadsheets and financial charts that help to understand the probability of success and failure. We guarantee our researched information gives you the confidence to participate in the project. 

Reach out to the Bestax Chartered Accountants and consultants for feasibility studies and financial projection services in the UAE.


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 We provide a free 30 days trial, No upfront payment! If you are not satisfied with our services, you don’t pay anything