Internal Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

Internal Audit Services in Dubai

An internal audit is an internal process that examines the operations and management of a company. It provides information to senior management on the effectiveness of the internal working system. This type of audit enables a company to closely monitor its internal accounting and improve the reliability of its financial reporting.

Profit-making in the UAE is significant, but long-term growth also requires compliance with Emirati rules and regulations. Companies must comply with a number of tax, audit, and compliance laws to avoid any future penalties. If you want to follow standardized internal audit services in Dubai, you can hire expert auditors who can provide you with certified assistance and guide you in all your financial matters. Bestax Chartered Accountants is one of the leading firms for internal audit services in Dubai, UAE that provides you with the best consultancy to shape the future of your company.

Internal Audit Firms Service Model

Bestax Chartered Accountants operates under the Internal Audit Methodology (IAM), which includes shared and outsourced audit services in the UAE. The choice of approach depends on the client’s ability to improve risk control.

Joint Audit Provision

Joint audit provision provides the opportunity to bring together the internal audit team with contracted internal audit service providers to perform joint work. They share specific skills and industry knowledge and manage risks to cost-effectively achieve business objectives.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

The second approach is outsourcing, where you hire the entire internal audit advisory service from our certified firm to help you manage critical business risks, implement operational strategies and effectively manage compliance.

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Our key Objectives For Internal Audit Services

Audit committees and CFOs value internal and External Audits equally to understand how well a company is achieving its financial or management objectives. If you run a small or large business in the United Arab Emirates and want to perfectly comply with high international standards, it is essential to use internal audit consulting services in Dubai, Sharjah, or any other emirate. BESTAX CA has a team of highly-qualified and trained chartered accountants readily available to meet your audit requirements such as those mentioned below:

  • Review of all key structures and core activities.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in each department.
  • Assisting management with corporate governance.
  • Continuously following procedures and providing evidence to take corrective action.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the system to meet the organization’s objectives.
  • Recognizing any risks and fraud in the internal environment.
  • Determining whether the system meets the statutory requirements of customers and management.

Step by Step an Internal Audit Procedure

Our professional auditors gained trust by working hard in major industries and proved their auditing skills in the UAE market. There is a well-organized method of doing internal audit services in Dubai to regulate your business operations.

Insights Into Your Company

Before we undertake any audit engagement, we gain a thorough understanding of your business objectives and analyze gaps in risk management and inefficiencies in your operational process. This research helps us provide you with the best possible proposal for an internal audit in the UAE.

Get a Quote For Project Review

The next step is to determine the final timeline or budget required to achieve your desired goal. We have a standard internal audit registration process that the client must follow to ultimately achieve quality results.

Start Your Internal Audit

At this stage, our qualified auditors start the real work with your department heads, CEOs, and IT specialists to identify gaps and weaknesses in the current system and recommend necessary improvements. Our internal audit services in Dubai, UAE, will surely help your organization show significant improvements.

Comprehensive Internal Audit Improves Risk Performance

BESTAX CA and member auditors expertly review your accounting controls to verify weaknesses in existing operations. Here are the features of our internal audit firms that are sure to help you mitigate your internal control risks.

  • Operating in accordance with approved auditing standards and regulations in the UAE
  • Understanding the organization’s culture and Improving Business Efficiency
  • Offers advisory services to employees and senior management to streamline processes and improve accuracy
  • Unbiased asses
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