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Excise Tax Return Filing Services In Dubai

The excise tax was implemented on taxable entities in October 2017, in the United Arab Emirates. The main objective is to control the consumption of excisable goods and their unhealthy effect. The person dealing in the specific categories of items must register for excise tax. Therefore, the entity is also required to submit an accurate excise tax return filing in UAE under the tax laws and legislation. BestaxCA provides outstanding services to file your tax return on a timely basis and with the least chances of error. We understand and implement all the legal provisions needed for filing tax returns in the UAE:

Excise Returns Filing

An excise tax return filing means a record of the excise amount paid at the end of each tax period. The form submission is totally online on the official portal of the FTA because manual applications are not acceptable anymore. The excise tax return form is available in both languages (English or Arabic) and the applicant may select one or two of them. Our consultants are proficient in both languages and offer excise return services for national and international clients.

When to File Excise Tax Returns in the UAE?

Executive Regulation of the Excise Decree-Law stated that, when the taxable entities get their excise registration, then they are required to file excise tax returns in the UAE periodically. The file must be submitted within 15 days after the end of every tax period. The one calendar month is usually called the tax period. The excise tax should be submitted and paid in this specified time frame in accordance with the tax procedure law to avoid the FTA penalties.

Consequences Of Late Filing Excise Return

In the UAE, the filing of the excise tax return is a very crucial procedure, as it is the formal way of reporting excisable goods that are produced, imported, and stored. An entity that fails to file excise tax returns, or does not file them at all, could be subject to penalties by the Federal Tax Authority. This scenario would be best handled by tax consultants in UAE who will file your excise tax returns at the specified time, even if you have already paid the excise tax.

How To Pay Excise Tax Liabilities?

It is the Taxable Person’s responsibility to pay the Tax Due on the same date as the Tax Return. The tax due shall be paid when importing excise goods.

How To Submit Excise Return Filing In UAE

The submission of excise return filing is an online document available on the official website of the Federal Tax Authority. The process is completed by filing the below-mentioned forms (as applicable) with the return application.

1. Excise Declarations Forms 

Detailed information in each excise declaration will be automatically auto-populated in the excise tax return at the end of the monthly return. For customs clearance, the following declaration forms should be submitted to the FTA:

  • Importing excisable goods
  • Releasing excisable goods from designated zones
2. Excise Liability Forms

The excise liability following forms are submitted once a month:

  • Releasing excise tax from a designated zone does not require a customs clearance note
  • Tax Liability on the manufacturing of excisable goods
3. Excise Tax On Stockpile

Stockpiled excise goods do not require a separate declaration form. The amount of tax due can be manually entered from stockpile excise goods.

4. Deductible Excise Tax 

The deductible excise tax is completed once a month. Once the deductible excise is submitted, all the details will be stored for the excise tax return filing.

The applicant must thoroughly review the entered information in the mandatory field before the final submission. It is important to avoid errors and unnecessary delays in the excise tax return filing request.

Why Choose Us?

BestaxCA is a team of well-qualified and certified tax consultants in Dubai. We provide professional excise tax and VAT advisory services to our domestic and international clients. To make your accounts excise compliant we have a wide range of excise registration, de-registration, return filing, refunding, pre-audit health check, and last but not least, excise tax consultancy services. After the excise tax registrations, most taxable entities get stuck in the submission of the excise return filing in the UAE. Don’t worry our consultants got you covered and fulfilled all compliance obligations while submitting your excise return filing. We review all your financial transactions, all declaration forms, and risk identifications related to excise tax provisions. Our tax advisors make your excise return file error-free so, you didn’t face any problems while FTA conducts excise stock audits. Feel free to contact us!

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However, I was the head of the finance department yet still found it difficult to conduct a financial audit in accordance with UAE regulations. Although, due to the competence and experience of BextaxCA's qualified auditors, all my concerns have been resolved

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I utilized BestaxCA's accounting and bookkeeping services for my retail business in Abu Dhabi. It was fascinating to observe how they handled the finances. They provided me with out-of-the-box accounting solutions, which were really useful

Abdul Kaleem

Finance Manager, Dubai, Manufacturing Company

As per FTA requirements, the Bestax Chartered Accountants in UAE assisted me with VAT registration and filing. I personally consult with their tax experts to ensure they have the expertise necessary to provide timely answers

Abdul Kaleem

Finance Manager, Dubai, Manufacturing Company

I was so happy with the BextaxCA's services that I decided to use them for my personal tax planning and return filing. They really know their stuff when it comes to taxes!

Dwayne Perkins

Accounts Manager, Dubai, Services Provider

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